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Epitome Graffiti - Flagship Edition

Epitome Graffiti - Flagship Edition

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The Epitome Graffiti is a simple yet sophisticated fountain pen. Every part has been designed to improve the functionality and the aesthetics of the pen. The minimalist design with transparent barrel with a multicoloured cap makes it a must have pen for any enthusiast. The multicoloured cap is a powerful colour that stimulates the pen for anyone while promoting a unique design. The silver plated clip is both functional and flexible, good for pocket use making it an Everyday Carry fountain pen. 

The fountain pen features a silver steel plated Kanwrite nib and comes with a K5 German made Schmidt converter, while holding an ample ink supply and uniquely combining the characteristics of a standard international converter cartridge writing instrument. You can also use any colour cartridges of brands that provide standard international cartridges. The graffiti is a perfect combination of form and function, a rock solid daily writer with enough class for a conference. 


Each Epitome Graffiti pen is packaged in an elegant Epitome gift box with quality- check papers for the pen. 

Note: To ensure quality assurance, our company tests pens as a final step in manufacturing. If you happen to see any residual blue ink, rest assured that this is normal. Quality check papers are provided with each pen in the gift box. 

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