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Epitome Collector's 36 - Slot Fountain Pen Storage Box

Epitome Collector's 36 - Slot Fountain Pen Storage Box

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Fountain Pens have always been a priceless possession to collector's. Storing these writing instruments at a specific place for the long term is crucial. Introducing, one of its kind, the Epitome Collector's 36 - Slot Fountain Pen Storage Box

The storage box has room for 36 pens - 12 pens in three drawers. The frame of the collector's box is made of sturdy MDF covered which in turn is protected by a layer of high-quality clear coating. To avoid scratches on the writing instruments, these drawers are covered with ivory-creamy soft premium velvet. The top is made out of a durable acrylic glass sheet (6mm thick with polished edges) allowing collectors have a quick glance at their collection anytime. Epitome Collector's box can also be placed on fragile surfaces with the rubber feet on four corners of the boxes. An Epitome logo can be found embossed on the high-quality acrylic sheet with an Epitome branded sticker on the very bottom.


Each collector's box is packaged securely with a corrugated box and shipped securely via express delivery.  

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