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Epitome Bright Orange Ink - 35ml Bottle

Epitome Bright Orange Ink - 35ml Bottle

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Epitome Bright Orange Ink is a vibrant and attention-grabbing hue that exudes energy and warmth. This vivid shade of orange is reminiscent of a ripe, sun-kissed tangerine or a fiery sunset, making it an ideal choice for adding a burst of color to various creative endeavors. Its intense pigmentation commands the viewer's gaze, conveying a sense of enthusiasm and optimism.When applied to paper or other surfaces, bright orange ink stands out boldly, making it perfect for highlighting important information, adding flair to artwork, or adding a playful touch to handwritten notes and messages. Its boldness and warmth can evoke feelings of joy, creativity, and positivity, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of artistic and practical applications. Bright orange ink is sure to leave a lasting impression, leaving its mark with a zestful and energetic presence.


The ink bottle is packaged in a jute bag which can be used to store the bottle easily. It is shipped securely to ensure a phenomenal customer experience.


Note: The ink is stored in a glass bottle, please use the glass carefully and open the bottle at a stationary position.

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