Why should you write with a classic, the fountain pen?

Why should you write with a classic, the fountain pen?

Why should you write with a classic, the fountain pen?

By, Vinamra Tapadiya

Writing or Handwriting, why does it even exist in the 21st century when everything can be done with the click of a button through digital devices all around us? Where does writing fit in this modern-day lifestyle and what is its importance?You probably might be reading this on your screen, either a laptop or a mobile phone. Information percolates through these technological devices than those age old letters. And isn’t the term typing more fitting for our era. As a Gen Z student, ideally this should be my thinking, but fortunately my thoughts are are articulated on the flip side. The understated importance of handwriting is all around us and perhaps typing has originated because of writing. Simply, the basis of our education is still handwriting. And even though we are advancing into the digital era, there are handwritten papers all around us and writing is still being taught to students all around the world. If students do not learn and practice handwriting (particularly in the early grades), they will miss out on the associated benefits of improved brain activity and learning high – order skills hereby affecting their academic and overall performance. The benefits discovered by individuals of writing with fountain pens apply not only to these individuals, but also to you and me, as well as everyone else in this room and around the world. What instruments do we use for writing and which is the most effective one? The answer is clear and its classic, they are fountain pens. Again, I might be considered a fool to be even telling you about fountain pens, a vintage writing instrument that the world has evolved from long ago. But they still exist, and they are of great importance today as well.

As a current student attending university, I would like to share my journey into fountain pens and take a moment in shedding light upon them. As an enthusiast using fountain pens since the past decade and more, someone who has done most of his writing with a nib and an ink bottle, the information that I am sharing is personal to me and holds a lot of value. This not only comes from my experience as a fountain pen enthusiast but also as an entrepreneur owning a fountain pen manufacturing company whilst being one of the reputed members of the fountain pen community in my home country, India and the United States. In the two decades of my life, I have attended 10+ fountain pen conferences or like we call it pen shows sprawling across 1000+ people in each just showcasing fountain pens starting from 30 cents all the way up to $30,000.

Thinking from a perspective of a student and how it affects countless students like me, it is essential for us to know the fact that there is an alternative writing instrument to the one that we are using today. An alternative pen which will not only help us pen down our notes but help us grow as individuals. And that’s the very reason, I am writing to you about fountain pens.

How writing with fountain pens matters to us? 

The benefits discovered by individuals of writing with fountain pens apply not only to these individuals, but also to you and me, as well as everyone else in this room and around the world. Writing serves as a foundational skills for everybody, even in the 21st century. There is a reason why you and me, our parents and their parents were taught writing in the first place. We all should know this foundational skill to face the world. We all want physical, psychological and mental wellness for ourselves. Writing comes with its own advantages, and they are highly underrated. It is important for all of us to know what benefits us and make it work to our advantage, writing is definitely one such thing.

Benefits of Writing with a Fountain Pen

Finally, here are are the benefits of writing with a fountain pen. To a fountain pen enthusiast like me, while there can be endless benefits of writing with these classic fountain pens, here are the top 5 benefits of why you should pick up a fountain pen today. 

  • Good for you, good for your memory

Fountain pens are good for Kinesthetic Memory serves as one of core functions of our brain. It lies at the heart of repeated and rote learning. Our kinesthetic memory improves when we perform a physical task like writing, as every word we write gets cemented in our memory. Doctors, Lawyers and most professionals use writing to keep the information in their mind and memory. Fountain Pens offer the right combination of weight and hardness, making them a simpler pen to write with.

  • Improves your handwriting

These pens are designed with efficient ergonomics considering industry standards. The barrel is broad, lightweight, and engineered to have a better-balanced weight distribution, making it easy to handle for extended periods of time when writing. Of course fountain pens improve handwriting, as the ink is drawn using capillary action putting ink on paper requires little to no pressure, which decreases hand fatigue during lengthy writing sessions. Since fountain pens provide the most natural writing experience of any pen, your handwriting will appear just as natural and smooth.

  • Customization for you, from nib sizes to ink colors

Fountain pens are unique in that they may be customized to your preferences. From the nibs to the ink color, there is a broad variety of modification that may meet varied writing styles and tastes. Whereas a regular ballpoint pen must be replaced with a new one to modify its width and size, a fountain pen allows you to pick from a variety of sizes and forms. You can choose the nib you with, deciding how your writing should look like. You can choose the color of ink, not going as per what the market offers you with the standard colors of blue or black. You get to choose the way you write with multiple options.

  • Environmentally friendly, better for our planet 

Fountain pens are both durable and non-disposable, they have a lower environmental impact and are more environmentally sustainable in the long term. Aside from using fewer components, most fountain pen parts are reusable or biodegradable. Your outdated cartridges and nibs will take up little space in landfills and can simply be recycled into new and valuable items. Fountain pens are less hazardous than ballpoint pens, making them better for the environment and for you. Don’t use and throw, use them every single day and pass on – that what fountain pens are about!

  • Fountain pens are a lifestyle statement - a true classic

Have you ever thought why businessmen, doctors, lawyers and professionals from different fields use fountain pens till date, even if it is for signing documents. Simply, fountain pens are symbol of style and have the long-standing reputation of being classy, chic. Owning one makes you part of the select few who own this sophisticated and magnificent writing instrument. In an era of style, owning something priceless coming from generations is absolutely unique. It sets you apart from the rest, some even use fountain pens passed onto them by their previous generations and have lasted for more than 70 years. The most significant advantage of fountain pens is that they are long-lasting and well-made. Fountain pens, as opposed to ballpoint pens, are often built of more robust materials such as stainless steel and brass, allowing them to last longer and even survive harsh circumstances such as high temperature and humidity. Fountain Pens live longer, if stored and maintained properly, they can easily live upto a minimum of 20 years on a daily use.

Simply, writing is a fundamental process and how much ever technologically we may be advanced, writing still serves to be an essential part of all our lives. Be it writing two lines a day or writing long class notes, the positive impact of writing on us is undeniable. And what is our medium of writing? Well after reading this, I am sure you would say that it has to be fountain pens. While fountain pens are extremely different and take more effort than most other pens, are more expensive and are a little more picky than a rollerball or ballpoint pen, for most people the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. It doesn't matter if you're a collector, an environmentalist, someone with hand pain or just someone who wants a wonderful writing experience, a fountain pen is one of the best writing instruments around. Lastly, don’t forget to Write On! 



Of course after hearing so many benefits of writing with fountain pens, I am sure that it is irresistible for you to try out a fountain pen. And believe me, once you use a fountain pen, there is no going back - you are officially in the rabbit hole. 

You have start somewhere in the fountain pen journey, and our Epitome Metallic is the perfect stepping stone. A fountain pen designed to make you fall in love with writing without the fancy price tag. 








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