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Meet Our Founder

Vinamra Tapadiya

Vinamra Tapadiya is a fountain pen connoisseur and the “face of Epitome Pens”. He is the vision and our one-man army of the Epitome Pen Company.

A born entrepreneurial leader, he has no shortage of ideas for fountain pen designs and taking the next big step for the company. He is an approachable person, who goes through the cumbersome details of each Epitome fountain pen. Passionate at heart, he believes in achieving the smallest of things with sheer perfection. He paved his way into the world of fountain pens by making comprehensive fountain pen education videos on YouTube under his brand “Fountain Pen Guy”. After being several years in the fountain pen community and gaining knowledge from several individuals, he wanted to take the next big step by designing and manufacturing his own perfect fountain pens for the world. He dreamt of Epitome Pen Co. 2 years ago, and today the very fact that an Epitome fountain pen in your hand is possible is due to the hard work put in by him.


Other than Fountain Pens, you would find Vinamra binging on his favorite Netflix shows and munching on his evergreen Italian food, especially Pizza. And not to forget, he is university freshman student pursuing his Bachelors in Business Administration in the United States.

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