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Epitome Emerald

Our Flagship Edition


The Epitome Emerald fountain pen has been our flagship ever since it's launch in October of 2021! This pen is our biggest symbol of a luxurious writing instrument! Customers have loved the Emerald with its design and multiple colour offerings which made this our best seller product!


As we celebrate #2yearsofEpitomePens EMERALD is being launched again! From materials made out of American resin to our iced crushed acrylics to our very new solid blues and blacks, there is an option for everyone! Comes with our standard Epitome embossed Kanwrite nibs which are expertly tuned for smooth writing, you can also put the famous German JoWo nibs! It's our true EPITOME in every way, we hope it will be for you as well!

New Arrivals - Emerald

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